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Oracle Upgrades

Oracle Upgrades Service Line

Many companies are considering upgrading to the latest release of the Oracle 11i e-Business suite.  Cronin Business Solutions has extensive experience in guiding clients through the upgrade decision process.  We pride ourselves on developing realistic timelines, budgets and the ability to craft a solution that drives cost reduction.

Reasons for Upgrade

Some companies perceive an upgrade as an inconvience to be overcome as soon as possible. Others see it as a small step towards achieving more functionality from their current Oracle configuration. And still others view it as an opportunity for a significant change to their existing business process
Regardless of how your organization views the upgrade activity, Cronin Business Solutions has the expertise to guide you through the process

Upgrade versus Re-implementation

As you plan for your upgrade, one of the most important questions you will face is that of upgrade versus re-implementation.  An upgrade is a highly technical approach where your existing instance is updated with the latest code.  You generally have to convert or otherwise massage your data in accordance with any structural changes to the instance.  The upgrade approach allows for configuration changes and the opportunity to enhance functionality.  Companies usually follow the upgrade approach when they are largely satisfied with the existing configuration and are looking for incremental improvements

Companies generally re-implement when they are not satisfied with their existing configuration or would like to reengineer a significant portion of their business process.  A re-implementation allows you to start your configuration from scratch.  The re-implementation approach is generally more resource and time intensive, however, the potential benefits from the activity could be more significant that those of an upgrade

Other Oracle Upgrade Considerations

    • The Oracle e-Business Suite Release 11i offers a series of powerful new capabilities, including enhanced financials, project management and business intelligence functionality, plus improved intercompany and currency support
    • Keep aware of the date that Oracle plans to end support on your application version.  The ending of support is a significant upgrade driver



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